This document provides hint and information about the result of the execution of feature 'Configure from migrated database'.

Applicable in CAST Version
7.3.x (error) 

Result in the list of modules

When performing 'Configure from migrated database', only user defined modules are supposed to be displayed under Modules section of the Delivery Unit in the management data base.

So, If all modules attached to the ADG Admin portfolio tree are resulting from analysis jobs and they are not user defined modules created via snapshot preparation assistant, it's normal to not see them in the delivery unit. But be sure that these modules will be considered in the snapshot generation and will appear under adequate application in the dashboard.

In fact all modules resulting from any job in preamble, main or postamble user project of the application will be systematically attached to the application during the snapshot generation.

If some of the modules of the portfolio tree are user defined modules created via snapshot preparation assistant, they must appear under the delivery Unit of CAST management base.

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