CMS Assessment model - Information - Functional weight - Backfired IFPUG Function Point Definition


Backfired IFPUG Function Point is an estimation of the IFPUG functional size of measure, estimation based on statistical data generated from the number of code lines of existing applications. Backfired IFPUG Function Points is computed by dividing the "Number of code lines" metric by a Gearing Factor, specific to each technology and which can be tuned.

Information coming from file CAST APM Metrics Specification 1.11.doc, section 1.1Functional Size - Attached Metrics

By default the Gearing factors are the following:

ASP Technology50
JCL Technology400
IMS Technology400
ABAP Technology60
DB2 Server Technology60
SQL Server Technology60
Forms Technology60
Visual Basic Technology80
PowerBuilder Technology80
Delphi Technology80
.Net Technology90
Cobol Technology175
C++ Technology95
C Technology225
Oracle Server Technology60
C# Technology90
VB.NET Technology90
ASP .Net Technology90
VBScript Server Technology90
VBScript Client Technology90
JavaScript Server Technology90
JavaScript Technology90
PL/SQL Technology60
JEE Technology90
PHP Technology60