CMS Application - Delivery - Add version - Fatal Error - The Program Delivery Manager Tool has not ended correctly- errorcode - 1000

Purpose (problem description)

This page outlines the error that is encountered when we try to accept the delivery or set it as current version.
When you accept the delivery, you might face one of the below mentioned error.

Error 1:

Error 2:

This issue can be countered as per the scenarios explained in the Action Plans.

Observed in CAST AIP
8.3.x (tick) 
Observed on RDBMS
Step by Step scenario
  • Package the application
  • Deliver
  • Accept the Delivery and set it as current version

Action Plan

  1. Is the Java JRE version installed on the machine one of the supported version. If no, follow Action 1, else go to next step.
  2. Do you have full access rights to the Delivery folder. If no, follow Action 2, else go to next step.
  3. Is the packaging of all the packages successful. If no, follow Action 3,  else Got to next step. 
  4. Is the packing successful, but the content status is "Packaging out-of-date: an extraction is required because the extraction settings have been updated", follow the Action 4, else go to next step.
  5. If none of the cases are relevant please contact CAST Technical Support with Relevant Input

Relevant Input

1.Version of the JRE installed.
2.DMT log files (particular log file as pointed in the summary field of the GUI)
3.Screenshot from DMT showing the packaging state.

Action 1

If any unsupported JRE version is used on the machine the delivery cannot be accepted.
To see the supported version of JRE, please refer to the release notes:

For 8.3: Supported Platforms

Solution is to install a supported version of JRE as per the release notes to solve this issue.

Action 2

If the user does not have full access rights to the Delivery folder, then he will not be allowed to create any file and hence the Delivery cannot be accepted.
This case is more likely to occur when the delivery folder is on a shared drive.

Please grant full access to the Delivery folder and then try to accept the Delivery.

If you have full rights on the Delivery then check  Action 3

Action 3

Is the packaging of all the packages successful.
When the packaging of one of the packages is failed with errors (see below image) and we try to accept the delivery, the delivery cannot be accepted as the Delivery is incomplete.

If one or more packages content state is "Not packaged".

The solution is to cleanup the Deployment folder(Check if anything is deployed from that application->If Yes,cleanup the deployment folder of that application),then package the application by selecting "Force extraction" option and "Entire Version".After packaging is successful for entire version,deliver the application and in CAST-MS,accept the delivery.

Also this issue may be because of few operating system files which are present while packaging the source but not when accepting the delivery. See Delivery Manager Tool - Information - File Types and folders which can be ignored to understand the file types which should/can be ignored while packaging. The page would give you the details of the files which are not part of the analysis yet present in the source code and which may effect the packaging process, disk space and the memory while packaging.

Action 4

Error "The Program Delivery Manager Tool has not ended correctly- error code - 1000" is encounter while accept delivery and in the log (show details mode) show the error "Internal error occurred" as shown below:
To change the log in show details mode, change it through the file menu option File > Show Details.

Also we can see that there is message in the log : Credential User name : Missing User.
This happens if after the packaging and before the accepting delivery in CMS, some configuration has been changed in the DMT. In above example, user name has been removed.

So in this case, content state of the DMT will show the message as : “Packaging out-of-date: an extraction is required because the extraction settings have been updated”

Solution in this case is to do the extraction again (in above example, do the extraction, by adding the credential in the DMT )

Action Plan 5

Error "The Program Delivery Manager Tool has not ended correctly- error code - 1000" is encounter while accept delivery.

If you refer to the DMTValidate log as referenced in the Summary window we will find the actual errors and it will be like:

  1. Are you upgrading from any source version and target version within 7.3.x or within 8.0.x and then you get the above error ?
    The above error can come up if the setup to a new Service pack has failed and hence the plugin's are not updated.
    Please check your setupCastSP.log which is by default located in your temp directory %Temp% and confirm if the setup has been successfully completed or you have some information like the below
    To confirm :
    - Open your setup log
    - Go to the end of file and see if you have the message that the scan has been aborted. For example :
    Unchanged files: 13037 [1456888397]  
    Changed files: 212 {3780205} [3778316]  
    Added files: 26 [562278]  
    Removed files: 0 [0]  
    Added folders: 6  [2278256]  
    Removed folders: 0 [0]  
    Folder 'D:\cast_Installation' has been previously patched!  
    Folders scan aborted!
    If the folder scan has been aborted then the setup is unsuccessful and hence the plugins are not updated which will led to the error.
  2. If the above message is seen on the log then we confirm that the issue is due to a incomplete install, so please try to completely uninstall the installed version and then reinstall them once again.
    To do so, please check : Setup - Uninstall - Information - Complete Uninstall of installed CAST Version
  3. If the above step is not relevant, please check other action plan or get in touch with CAST Technical Support with relevant inputs for further investigation

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