This page provides solution to the version delivery error "No connection to server", when DMT is launched from start menu.


Also if you try to download JNLP, through AIC portal, then the following error is seen : Unable to launch delivery XXX is encountered.

Observed in CAST AIP
8.3.x (tick) 
Observed on RDBMS

This section is not applicable for this page (DMT) 

Step by Step Scenario
  1. Launch the DMT from the start menu.
  2. Package and try to deliver the version.
Action Plan

This error is encountered if the supported java version is not installed in the machine or if there are more than one Java version installed and JNLP is pointing to unsupported java version.

Solution is to remove

  1. Unsupported java version and
  2. Install supported version and to point to the supported JRE.
Impact on Analysis Results and Dashboard

Impact of Error : Not able to deliver the version
Impact of solution: None


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