This page will guide you to troubleshoot the problems you may face with your Analysis Units while managing the analysis.
Analysis Unit is a component of CAST AIP
that will help you govern how a perimeter of source code is consistently analyzed.

  • An Analysis Unit can best be described as a set of configuration settings that govern how a perimeter of source code is consistently analyzed.
  • Analysis Units are automatically created when you use the Set as current version option`as such they correspond to Projects discovered by the CAST Delivery Manager Tool. However, they can also be created manually using this editor for situations where no Analysis Unit has been automatically created for a given project.
  • Analysis Units that are manually defined will "inherit" their initial configuration settings from the settings defined at Technology level and at Application level .
  • Modifying an identical option at Technology level or at Application level will automatically update the same option in the Analysis Unit editor unless that specific option has already been modified independently in the Analysis Unit editor.

Analysis Units contains 3 or 4 tabs in order to define the configuration :

The tabs are :

  1. Source Settings : It is in this tab that the source code path is defined
  2. Analysis : This tab exists for technology that needs a third party (include path, class path, assemblies, etc....). It does not exist for SQL analyzers (PL/SQL, TSQL, DB2, ....)
  3. Production : This tab allows you to define various specific production options (organized by Technology) for all Analysis Units defined in the Application - these options govern the way in which the source code matching the Technology type will be handled during the analysis - in particular for the resulting objects and links.
  4. Execute : This tab contains option to execute/test analysis on the analysis unit and to check the analysis unit content.

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