This page will help you to solve problems related to UA Package Assistant. 

UA Package Assistant is a feature of CAST AIP which is a standalone tool that provides a means to validate your user defined packages for UA languages.

The UA Assistant will enable you to check that your language packages are correct and conforms to required standards before they are imported into the CAST Knowledge Base, thus avoiding errors during an analysis.

For more information, refer to:

  • Online-help - Start -> CAST -> CAST <version> -> UA Package Assistant -> Help
*Observed in CAST AIP

*Observed on RDBMS
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Action Plan
  1. Report the problem to CAST Technical Support and provide the below relevant input to help CAST Support team investigate your problem or procure the required information.

Relevant input

CAST Support Tool (CST) - alias Sherlock export 

  • Screenshots of the UA Package Assistant showing the problem that you are facing.-   Example screenshot is given below where "Save to disk" button is clicked :
 We have not seen issues being encountered in UA Package Assistant till now.
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