Purpose (problem description)

This page handle the issue of missing violation of quality rules for PHP technology.

For example:

Observed in CAST AIP
Observed on RDBMS
Step by Step scenario
  1. Run a full snapshot.
  2. Open CED and observe the missing violation for PHP rules.
Action Plan

If you observe there are no violations present for PHP rules even when your source code has violation then, please check that plugin operation has not failed during analysis using the below steps:

  1.  Check the analysis log for below warnings: We can see that in below analysis log it says  'UA plugin : Plugin operation failed.'  
  2. This confirms that your PHP extension is not installed properly.
    1. Please uninstall and re-install the PHP extension using below documentation: PHP 3.0
    2. Once done, please run analysis+snapshot which should resolve your issue.
  3. If you are not able to see the PHP violations even after following above steps then please check the below mentioned points: 
    1. Check in KB  if you are able to see the function - php_get_scope_object_types .
    2. If no, then you need to perform manage extension action again in Server Manager.

    3. If function is present then, run the below query in KB for any PHP quality rule for which violation is missing:

      select * from set_Definitions where setid=<QR_ID>;
    4. If you are not getting any result for the above query then you need to run all the functions manually in pgadmin from file - '3 - DiagProcPHP.SQL' which is located at -<your_extention_location>\com.castsoftware.php.3.0.2- funcrel\InstallScripts\CastStorageService\DIAG
    5. Once done, run snapshot skipping analysis. 

       4. If issue still persist even after following all the steps mentioned then please contact  CAST Technical Support with Relevant input 



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