Object is not (or is wrongly) detected by the QR detail procedure where it was (was not) in previous snapshot.

Applicable in CAST Version
Applicable RDBMS
  1. Check if the used detail procedures have been modified between these 2 snapshots. This is particularly relevant when the 2 snapshots are not computed with same CAST version: A migration has been performed between the 2 snapshots computation for example. You can check the section Functional information > Changes in the metrics and diagnostics results
  2. If you cannot identify any relevant modification in the used detail procedure or if the 2 snapshot are computed with same CAST version, you need just to proceed as described above to investigate issue
  3. If the issue could not be reproduced on the Fresh KB and the issue is reproduced using customer KB (without analysis), then this issue could be related to the remaining objects from the previous analysis. In this case, ask the customer to drop the results from KB and re-analyze & re-generate the snapshots. e.g. in webcall 22517, object was listed in high risk objects for "Avoid using untyped dataset", when there was no source code related to the dataset in the source code. So this object was present in the KB from the previous analysis (PLEASE NOTE THAT DROPPING ANALYSIS RESULTS WILL LEAD TO ADDED DELETED OBJECTS).