CAST Engineering Dashboard - Violations - Critical Violations - Inconsistent value - Value in left hand panel and added or removed critical violations section do not match

Purpose (problem description)

This page helps you to troubleshoot the problem where there is difference in number of critical violations in the application level which is not reflected in the added or removed critical violations by application section .

The dashboard views which display the critical violations at module level and at application level are -

For instance -

You can see that in the below screenshot the number of critical violations in the left hand side under STATISTICS has increased by 730 but the Added critical violations is 0.

Observed in CAST AIP
Observed on RDBMS

Step by Step scenario

  1. Launch Dashboard.
  2. Go to Assessment Application Level.
  3. Sum of critical violations per module is not equal to the value displayed in the left hand side.

Action Plan

  1. Check if the reason for drop or increase in Critical violations is due to the fact that the quality rule is made critical or non-critical by using the page - CAST Engineering Dashboard - Violations - Variation in Critical Violations value. If this is the reason then it is an expected behavior because if a quality rule was non critical in V1 which had n violations and is made critical in V2 then it is expected to get an increase in the Critical Violation count in the left hand panel in V2.
    But there will be no change in the added critical violations by module / application section because the violation status of the n violations of V2 is unchanged and not added , so they were still in the snapshot but not newly added. It is the same reason for drop in critical violation count due to a quality rule made non-critical from critical.
  2. If this is not the reason then please contact CAST Technical Support with Relevant inputs 

Relevant inputs

  1. CAST Support Tool (CST) - alias Sherlock by checking all the options except "Allow Export of source code"
  2. Complete screenshot of the dashboard with URL pointing to the difference in Critical violation.


Ticket # 8520

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