This problem gives justification on why the critical violation count on Application Portfolio Level does not match with the Application Drill Down View.

As seen in the below example screenshots, the number of critical violations on the Application Portfolio Level is 20419.

But when we do an export all from the Application Drill Down View and filter only the critical violations, we get a different value of 20371.

Observed in CAST AIP
Observed on RDBMS

Step by Step Scenario
  1. Launch Dashboard
  2. Go to Application - Portfolio Level . See the critical violations count is 20419 in the left hand side.
  3. Go to Investigation - Application drilldown -> By Rule and click on export all.
  4. Filter only the Critical Violations and Sum the violations.
  5. The sum is 20371 which does not match with 20419.
Action Plan
The reason for this behavior is the value seen in the dashboard on the  Investigation - Application drill down view includes the violations for shared objects as well, where as the value displayed on the Application - Portfolio Level removes these duplicates values.
To check if the objects are shared among modules, you may
Impact on Analysis Results and Dashboard

Impact of issue: N/A
Impact after applying solution: N/A


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