Problem Description

One of following errors is displayed in the dashboard page during the navigation

  • [WARNING]: [MEM] Low Memory: 24052448
  • [WARNING]: [MEM] Recovered Memory: 18348800
  • out of memory exception
  • Java.long.out of Memory

In some case, As a result, you may see a slow down in performance. The application server (Tomcat) is stopped also and needs to be restarted in order to continue using the dashboard.
The error(s) can be displayed in the end of the dashboard page. You can also get bank page with only error(s) displayed.

Applicable in CAST Version
8.0.x (error)
Action Plan

These errors and exceptions are displayed by the Java Virtual Machine and they indicate that the Java Garbage Collector is in operation.

To fix error and slow down in performance, it is possible to modify the JVM memory configuration settings on the machine hosting the Apache Tomcat server.
CAST recommends to have at minimum 200MB dedicated for each deployed WAR on Tomcat server.
For example, if customer has deployed 5 WAR files ( this means 5 dashboards share the same Tomcat server), customer must ensure that there is sufficient allocated memory for Tomcat to easily use the 5 deployed dashboards:

  1. This means that customer must ensure that at a minimum 1GB (200Mb*5) of memory is allocated to Tomcat server.

CAST recommendation and procedure to modify the JVM memory configuration settings is described in section'12.4. Application server memory configuration > 12.4.1. JVM configuration settings for Apache Tomcat' of CAST installation Guide (page 154/178 for CAST 6.4.1)

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