Purpose (problem description)

When checking the variation of the grade (in application Drilldown or in assesment application level), it is not the expected one: When computing the variation based on previous snapshot grade, you are not getting the same values as the one


Observed in CAST AIP
Observed on RDBMS
Step by Step scenario
  • Take some snapshots
  • Access the dashboard in Quality Model View.
  • Grade variation for latest snapshot is not computed based on results of previous snapshot
Action Plan
  1. Relevant input
  2. Check whether the variation is not computed based on prior snapshot
  3. If the issue you are getting is not in this troubleshooting page, please contact CAST Support with Relevant input.  

Relevant input

  1. Sherlock (CB dump needs to be restored for investigation)
  2. Screenshots from dashboard showing issue with URL's.
  3. Explanation on what should be the variation to explain why the one shown in the dashboard is not the expected one. 
Get technical criteria grade of the application for all snapshot in the central base

 For this, first get the application id in the central base. For this list all the applications available in the dashboard:

select *
from dss_objects
where object_type_id = -102

You will get the list of applications in the CED. Select the one in which you are observing variation issue and get its ID

Then run the following query by replacing the <Application_id> with the ID got in above query to get all business criteria grade of this application in all snapshots available on the dashboard

select O.OBJECT_NAME,R.snapshot_id, T.metric_name, S.SNAPSHOT_NAME, R.metric_num_value 
from dss_metric_results R, dss_metric_types T, dss_snapshots S, dss_objects O 
where R.snapshot_id =S.snapshot_id and R.metric_id = T.metric_id 
and R.snapshot_id in (select distinct snapshot_id from dss_snapshots) 
and T.metric_id in(60011,60012,60013,60014,60016) 
and R.object_id = O.object_id 
and R.object_id = <Application_id> 
and R.metric_value_index = 0 
order by T.metric_name,R.snapshot_id desc

Here is an example of the results of above query:






How to interpret results?

For APP1 application, Transferability grade was 4 in SNAP_5 snapshot, 3.778 in SNAP_4, ...

Check whether the variation is not computed based on prior snapshot

Check whether the variation has not been computed based on prior snapshot

Let us take the example presented earier

Variation in snapshot 5 should be (Grade_snap5 - Grade_snap4) / Grade_snap4 =  ((4-3,778571429)/3,778571429) = 5,860113422

where it is displayed as 7,11 (see first screenshot)

When checking the computation, you find out that the computation has been using snap3 grade as previons snapshot  7,111806642 = ((4-3,734415584)/3,734415584) = (Grade_snap5 - Grade_snap3) / Grade_snap3

If You found out that the grade is computed based on prior snapshot, please run following query:

select *

Check the column PREV_SNAPSHOT_ID. If PREV_SNAPSHOT_ID is the same for all snapshot, it is a known bug fixed in 7.3.6

To solve this issue, please upgrade the CB to 7.3.6 and deloy 7.3.6 war

In the previous example, when migrating  the central base, the variation is coming as expected

 Ticket 3112
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