Problem Description

The document gives the approach to treat the error message as mentioned below, while creating a non-admin user:

When you try creating a non-admin user without assigning any roles, you get the following error:

"User cannot be saved since it is not authorized to access the requested information of frame(s): FRAME_PORTAL_RISK_VIEW-FRAME_PORTAL_PORTFOLIO_VIEW"

Applicable in CAST Version
Action Plan

To avoid getting such error, you will have to

  1. Ensure that you are assigning at least one role to the non-admin user being created.
  2. If you do not see any roles available for selection, you will have to create a role first (in Roles Administration) , which would be then available under the Roles Selection tab.
    1. Then select the same (at least one) while creating the user.
Notes / Comments

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