This page explains the case when a user already present gets deleted automatically after adding a new user.

Observed in CAST AIP
Observed on RDBMS
Step by Step Scenario

Below is the step-by-step scenario leading to the problem:

  1. Insert manually a user in VIEWER_USERS table
Impact of the Problem

The impact of the problem on the analysis or the dashboard is:
Missing user from CED

Action Plan

The issue is due to the fact that the table for storing the next available user_id was not synchronized with the max (id) in the table VIEWER_USERS, in fact the id from SERVER_IDS should be equal to the max(id)+1 of VIEWER_USERS, here is an example of unexpected results:

select *
where id_category = 'Users'
Query result example
select max(id) from VIEWER_USERS
Query result example
  1. In order to fix this please perform the following query :

    update SERVER_IDS
    set next_id = (select max(id)+1 from VIEWER_USERS)
    where id_category = 'Users'

    Note that you should not insert user with SQL queries, the correct way to add a new user is described in the following page: CAST Engineering Dashboard - Information - Create new user on dashboard

Impact of the Solution

 Impact of the solution on the analysis or the dashboard is:

The user will not be missing from the Dashboard


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