Problem Description

This page will help you to solve the issue when the Number of objects with violation is smaller than the number of failed Check

Applicable in CAST Version
8.3.x (tick)
Observed on RDBMS

Step by Step scenario

  1. Run analysis
  2. Compute snapshot
  3. Open CED and observe the issue
Action Plan

Perform the below actions

  1. Run the following query on the central schema to get the shared objects  - SQL Queries - CAST Central Base - Queries on Objects - How to check if objects are shared among modules
  2. If the above query returns a value, this justifies the behavior at application level only. A shared object will be counted as many time as it's shared between the modules/subsets of the application. The shared object is displayed only one time in the list of the very high risky objects.
  3. Else if the above query does not return values then the issue is observed at module level

    1. Activate the sql trace for the dashbaord and identify query providing the failed check value displayed in the summary table. The process is described in CAST Engineering Dashboard - Information - How to Identify query leading to missing or wrong data and graph in the AD Dashboard page - Archived.
    2. Using this query, identify objects used to compute this value then contact CAST Technical Support. with the following Relevant input:
  4. If the above steps do not solve your issue contact CAST Technical Support. with the following Relevant input:

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