This page describes the problem, when the dashboard displays N/A, in the Value comparison table in the Quick Access page while comparing the results of current and previous snapshot.

Please refer to the screenshot below for more clarity on the issue:

Observed in CAST AIP
Observed on RDBMS
Step by Step Scenario

Below is the step-by-step scenario leading to the problem:

  1. Run analysis+snapshot for Version 1.
  2. Observe the results on the dashboard.
  3. Run Analysis+snapshot for Version 2.
  4. Go to Quick Access > Monitor > Value Comparison Table and see N/A displayed for some quality rules.
Impact of the Problem

The impact of the problem on the analysis or the dashboard is: The grades for those technical criteria and quality rules will not be displayed on the dashboard and it will only display N/A.


This is an expected behaviour of the product. The reason why this happened is because of the following:

This problem, as can be seen in the screenshots, happened for the Technical Criteria "Complexity - SQL Queries" and also for the Quality Rules that come under this technical criteria.

The reason why these quality rules are no longer coming on the dashboard and are displaying N/A is because the associated scope is empty. The scope of these quality rules depends on the list of artifacts having links toward SQL objects. And if in the Database, there is only one Oracle table or no table at all, then this issue will happen. 

 This is a configuration issue as there are no Oracle tables present and thus no links are created, so in order to fix the issue please perform the following:

  1. Check if there were some methods having links toward the oracle table in the previous run. Please use Enlighten for this.
  2. Then in the current run, if the same links are there or not for the same method and same for oracle table. 

In this case, if the link is not there then it is expected that the scope of this Quality Rule is empty leading to the rule to not be fired on the dashboard.

And as this is a configuration issue, it should be reviewed and then the Analysis+snapshot should be executed again.

Impact of the solution on the dashboard is: The dashboard will no longer display the N/A for Technical Criteria and Quality Rules, and the grades will be displayed.

 Zendesk Ticket #4267
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