This page helps you to troubleshoot issues with PRI , RPF and VI. These values are present in the below views of dashboard -

Figure 1

For more details on how these values are calculated please refer to the below page -

Risk Indicators - Object Level - Violation List

For more information, refer to:

Official Documentation

For 8.3 : User profiled pages

Information Guides

Information Guides by CAST AIP Component > CAST Engineering Dashboard CED

Observed in CAST AIP

Observed on RDBMS
Action Plan
  1. Select the section you are interested in.
  2. If the problem you are facing does not match any case listed in this page, report your problem to CAST Technical Support and provide the below Relevant input:

For CAST Technical Support Only - Calculate the value of the PRI , VI , RPF using the page - Risk Indicators - Object Level - Violation List

Relevant input

  • CAST Support Tool (CST) - alias Sherlock export with the following options CAST Bases Checker, Export Logs, Export Configuration files, Export Computer Environment, Export CAST Bases with Management Base, Knowledge Base, Central base, Measurement Base
  • Complete screenshot of the dashboard with URL and footer showing your problem

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