Purpose (problem description)

This page handles the issue when the discrimination process is run, but still the People Soft objects belonging to Vanilla is present in the dashboard.  The discrimination of the object is done using an SQL tool job in content enrichment, post analysis. But the object is present in the Dashboard when you search for it in the search box of the Dashboard.

Observed in CAST AIP
Observed on RDBMS

Step by Step scenario

  1. Add an SQL tool job in content enrichment post analysis in order to discriminate vanilla objects from the dashboard.
  2. Run analysis and take a snapshot
  3. Search for one object that suppose to be discriminated from the Dashboard

Action Plan

To troubleshoot this issue, you need the following Relevant input

  1. Check if the unexpected objects are part of the module SQL Queries - CAST Knowledge Base - Queries on Module - Module content and properties, if yes then refer to the following page for further investigation - CMS Application - Modules - Incorrect module content - Unexpected objects
  2. Check the tool "PeopleSoft Discrimination with Vanilla", for this please refer to Check the table PSOFT_LOG
    1.1 If If the discrimination was not executed then please go to the next step, else contact Technical Support CAST Technical Support with the Relevant input
  3. Check the tool "PeopleSoft Vanilla Import"

    2.1 Check if the variables are defined as described in People soft Vanilla Import
    Check if the data was transferred from the Vanilla
    2.3 Known bugs
  4. If this don't resolve your issue then please contact CAST Technical Support and provide the  Relevant input

Relevant input

Sherlock export with the following options: Export Logs (feature checked by default), Export Configuration files (feature checked by default), Export Computer Environment (feature checked by default),Export CAST Bases.

Check the table PSOFT_LOG

Please execute the following query on the local schema:

select * from PSOFT_LOG

If the discrimination was executed then you should get the following result:
"Discrimination data - Start";"2016-08-18 12:56:20.005"
"Discrimination data - LastUpdatedBy";"2016-08-18 12:56:20.057"
"Discrimination data - Checksum";"2016-08-18 12:56:26.896"
"Discrimination data - Objects";"2016-08-18 12:56:28.504"
"Discrimination data - Field props";"2016-08-18 12:56:42.481"
"Discrimination data - Statistics";"2016-08-18 12:56:47.94"
"Discrimination data - End";"2016-08-18 12:56:48.403"
"Discrimination data - Start";"2016-08-18 14:25:13.619"
"Discrimination data - LastUpdatedBy";"2016-08-18 14:25:13.722"
"Discrimination data - Checksum";"2016-08-18 14:25:19.264"
"Discrimination data - Objects";"2016-08-18 14:25:20.032"
"Discrimination data - Field props";"2016-08-18 14:26:02.54"
"Discrimination data - Statistics";"2016-08-18 14:26:12.091"
"Discrimination data - End";"2016-08-18 14:26:12.147"
"Discrimination data - Start";"2016-08-18 18:29:26.947"
"Discrimination data - LastUpdatedBy";"2016-08-18 18:29:27.048"
"Discrimination data - Checksum";"2016-08-18 18:29:37.723"
"Discrimination data - Objects";"2016-08-18 18:29:39.823"
"Discrimination data - Field props";"2016-08-18 18:30:14.93"
"Discrimination data - Statistics";"2016-08-18 18:30:28.059"
"Discrimination data - End";"2016-08-18 18:30:28.074"
"Discrimination data - Start";"2016-08-28 17:24:02.638"
"Discrimination data - LastUpdatedBy";"2016-08-28 17:24:02.746"
"Discrimination data - Checksum";"2016-08-28 17:24:20.667"
"Discrimination data - Objects";"2016-08-28 17:24:24.028"
"Discrimination data - Field props";"2016-08-28 17:25:06.366"
"Discrimination data - Statistics";"2016-08-28 17:25:28.461"
"Discrimination data - End";"2016-08-28 17:25:28.628"
"Discrimination data - Start";"2016-10-27 21:05:02.969"
"Discrimination data - LastUpdatedBy";"2016-10-27 21:05:03.054"
"Discrimination data - Checksum";"2016-10-27 21:05:10.946"
"Discrimination data - Objects";"2016-10-27 21:05:12.805"
"Discrimination data - Field props";"2016-10-27 21:05:35.213"
"Discrimination data - Statistics";"2016-10-27 21:05:46.596"
"Discrimination data - End";"2016-10-27 21:05:46.882"

Check if the data was transferred from the Vanilla

The data should be transferred from the table psoft_objects to the table psoft_objects_v. In order to check the transfer please execute the following queries on the local schema:

select * from psoft_objects
select * from psoft_objects_v

For example the first line of the 2 queries should be:


If the table psoft_objects is empty then the transfer was not done, please refer to known bugs

Known bugs

This issue can be due to the fact that Vanilla schemas have been updated with Server Manager which causes the drop and the create of the PSOFT_xxx tables, which explain why the table psoft_objects_v in the project schema was empty. 

 As a Workaround please rerun the tools in the Vanilla and then rerun the tools in the project. This will be fixed permanently


Ticket # 7769

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