This page handle the issue when you get deleted artefacts from the Dashboard, you can observe this issue from one of the following views:


Figure 1


Figure 2

Observed in CAST AIP
8.3.x (tick)
Applicable RDBMS

Step by Step scenario

  1. Take 2 snapshots

Action Plan

  1. Check if there were no Ghost objects in your previous snapshot, for this refer to the following page SQL Queries - CAST Knowledge Base - Queries on objects - Identify and clean up all the ghost objects and ghost projects in your knowledge base, if it is not the case then go to the next step, else the current count of objects is the correct one, the missing ghost objects are due to:

    1. Manual cleanup: you have cleaned up the ghost object from your knowledge base before taking the current snapshot by using the cleanup query from the following page: SQL Queries - CAST Knowledge Base - Queries on objects - How to identify and clean up all the ghost properties in your Knowledge base
    2. Automatic cleanup: If the previous snapshot was generated before a 8.0.0 service pack and the current snapshot was generated under a service pack greater or equal to service pack 8.0.0, then note that the ghost objects was cleaned up automatically from your knowledge base
  2. Check if the object(s) is not missing from the current snapshot, for this please refer to CAST Engineering Dashboard - Object - Missing objects 
  3. If the above steps do not explain your issue, then please contact CAST Technical Support and provide the Relevant input 

Relevant input

  1. Screenshot with URL visible showing the issu
  2. Sherlock export of the two latest runs with the following options: Export Logs (feature checked by default), Export Configuration files (feature checked by default), Export Computer Environment (feature checked by default),Export CAST Bases

Ticket #4363, 7095

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