Purpose (problem description)

This page helps you to troubleshoot issues where a module has been created in the CAST Management Studio but it is not displayed under the application in the dashboard.

Observed in CAST AIP
Observed on RDBMS

Step by Step scenario 

  1. Launch Dashboard
  2. In the left top drop down there is a module missing.
Action Plan
  1. Check if there are objects present in the Module content overview of the module that you are expecting to be displayed on the dashboard. I
    1. Launch Cast MS
    2. Goto the Modules tab
    3. Double click on the module that is missing on the dashboard.
    4. Click the Module Content Overview as shown in the below screenshot-

    f there are no objects then it is expected to not get any module on dashboard. In this case you will have to follow the user guide - CMS Application - Modules - Module content overview - User Defined Modules - Fatal Error - Empty Modules
  2. If your module content overview shows some objects but still the module is not appearing on dashboard then take one object appearing in the Object Details tab and follow the user guide CAST Engineering Dashboard - Object - Missing objects for your example.
  3. If you are unable to get a conclusion or a reason for your problem then please contact CAST Technical Support with Relevant Inputs

Relevant Inputs

  1. Sherlock Export with options Export CAST databases , Export Logs and Export Configuration Files checked
  2. Screenshot of the dashboard pointing to the place from where the module is missing
  3. Screenshot of the module content overview of the missing module