Purpose (problem description)
This page explains how to troubleshoot the issue related to empty modules in the Dashboard
Observed in CAST AIP
Observed on RDBMS
Step by Step scenario

1/ Execute Snapshot without skipping analysis

2/ Open the CAST Engineering Dashboard and check the module content : number of objects, number of lines,.. : The value is 0. Check for objects belonging to the module : No objects found.

3/ In CAST MS, check the module content overview. The expected number of objects are dispalyed

Action Plan

In the CED, if the module are empty, that means the objects have not been transferred from the Knowledge Base to the Central Database.

1- This may be due to a KB corruption.

Check one expected object that should be displayed in the CED and run the below query :

SQL Query

select * from <YOUR_KB>.appset app
  join <YOUR_KB>.setroot srt on srt.idset = app.idset
  join <YOUR_KB>.objset obs on obs.idset = srt.idroot
  join <YOUR_KB>.keys ke on obs.idobj = ke.idkey and ke.keynam like '%<the object name>%'

If there is no line raised, that means that the appset, setroot and objset tables are corrupted. These tables are populated during the snapshot.

To resolve the issue, do as follow:

a- Delete these 3 tables content.

truncate table appset;
truncate table setroot; 
truncate table objset;
b- Run the snapshot by skipping the analysis.

2- If this is not a KB Corruption

a) UA objects are missing from the CED

If you have selected as a filter the technology selection as screenshot below :

Instead of filtering the Technology, you can select all the UA Analysis Unit as below :

b. Missing module in dashboard

 If there is no previous snapshot to compare with current version, then, we can delete the existing modules and create a new one.

Below are the steps need to followed:

  • Creating the new module first.
  • Delete the old one.
  • Rename the new one as the old one.
  • Run the snapshots and check in dashboard.

3] If there is no KB Corruption or the technology is not UA or the technology is UA but still your issue is not solved by using the above steps then please follow the below steps -

a. check the Module Content Overview in CMS

b. Go to Object details tab

c. Take an object as example and follow the below user guide for the example object that you have taken from the list - CAST Engineering Dashboard - Object - Missing objects


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