After upgrading CAST,  you login to the dashboard and see graphs and some other metric information missing.

See example screenshot section here (portfolio graph quadrant from the FRAME_PORTAL_PORTFOLIO_VIEW - other information available but blanked out in screenshot below):

Observed in CAST AIP
8.3.x (tick)
Observed on RDBMS
Action Plan

This is usually a result of improper migration of the assessment model when upgrading CAST.  

It's usually best if you use the new assessment model when upgrading to the latest version of CAST so that you can properly take advantage of enhancements included in the assessment model.

if you do want to use your previous assessment model, then you need to use the assessment model migration tools to assist you in migrating your assessment model properly.  You can see more details in the CAST documentation on these steps in both the pre and post upgrade steps.

You can also see the graphs properly if you change your assessment model and re-consolidate.  Please follow these steps:

  1. associated the new assessment model for the new version of CAST with the central database in CMS (vs. the assessment model from the prior version)
  2. synchronized the assessment model with the central database in CMS
  3. consolidated the last snapshot for each application in CMS
  4. Viewed the dashboard to see the new results - you should now see the graphs  
Impact on Analysis Results and Dashboard

Missing Graphs and results