This page helps you to troubleshoot issues when you are expecting graph to be displayed on the dashboard but instead the message "No Graph Available" is displayed.

Figure 1

Observed in CAST AIP

Observed on RDBMS
Action Plan
  1. Select the section you are interested in.

    If the problem you are facing does not match any case listed above then follow the below steps.
  2. If you have No Graph available on the entire dashboard in each section then it would look something like this -

    and if the technology you are using is Peoplesoft then please confirm that you have extracted two different schemas for Vanilla and Project.
    Here in the below screenshot you can see there are two extraction log files for Vanilla and Project -

    The two exatractions are of the same schema on the same server. So the data extracted will be the same. Either you can have two same schema names on same servers or you can have two schemas with different names on same server.
    But here you have two same schemas - Schema1 on same server - Server1:Port1 that gives no difference in data. Since there is nothing to discriminate, the CB will have no data to show on the dashboard. So please make sure that you have extracted two different schemas for Vanilla and Project.
  3. Check if you have set the SPA to no metric computation for some reason and forgotten to set it to all metrics computation before generating snapshot.
    1. If you have set to No Metric Computation then this problem will occur. Set the metric computation to all metrics and re-do the snapshot generation for the graph to appear. 
    2. If you have not set to no metric computation then go to next step
  4. Check if you have disabled a metric due to which the metric is not computed and hence the associated graph is not displayed. For instance - Overall current status graph in the portfolio view is missing

    As you can see the Portfolio view is missing the technical debt which is the Y-Axis of the graph. Normally the graph and the view should look like below but the view with the problem has missing debt.

    Please check if the technical debt is disabled in the assessment model. If it is disabled you can activate it and re-generate the snapshot to solve the issue.

     If any other metric is incorrectly computed due to which the graph is missing then please refer to page CAST Engineering Dashboard - Metrics and select the metric where there is a problem.

  5. If the problem you are facing does not match any case listed in this page, report your problem to CAST Technical Support and provide the below Relevant input:

For CAST Technical Support Only - This page will be followed - CAST Engineering Dashboard - Information - How to identify and execute SQL query involved in data display

Relevant input

  • CAST Support Tool (CST) - alias Sherlock export with the following options CAST Bases Checker, Export Logs, Export Configuration files, Export Computer Environment, Export CAST Bases with Management Base, Knowledge Base, Central base
  • Complete screenshot of the dashboard with URL and footer showing your problem

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