Problem Description

This page describe the following issue on the Evolution - Quality and Size View: Estimated effort is shown as 0 for a module containing DB objects when there are some tables that have been modified.

Some tables have been modified in current snapshot (new column added for example). However, the FRAME_PORTAL_EVOLUTION_View shows 0 effort for the module containing the objects that have been modified.

Observed in CAST AIP
Observed on RDBMS
Step by Step Scenario
  1. Take a first snapshot on first version of source code
  2. Do second snapshot on second verison of the source code containing some modifications on DBs table objects (new column added for example)
  3. Go to the evolution view and find that effort is to 0 for the module containing these DBs table objects
Action Plan
This is an expected behavior for tables objects. Indeed, tables are not considered artifacts. So, they will not show up as such and will not have any effort calculated for them.
  1. You can check the list of artifacts per language in the official documentation

For example, in 7.0.9, here is the list of artifacts for SQL languages:

SQL Languages

      • Function
      • Procedure
      • Package function
      • Package procedure
      • Trigger
      • View

Tables are not considered artifacts. They have no lines of code and have no effort calculated.

Impact on Analysis Results and Dashboard

No impact

 Ticket # 1585