This page will provide solutions to the problems related to CAST Discovery Portal.  

CAST Discovery Portal is a component of CAST AIP which is a browser-based portal that provides a variety of technical "DNA type" information about a company's applications.

As with the classic GUI based CAST solutions, it is possible to access a range of user functions via the Discovery Portal web interface: 

  • Portfolio > a browser showing the hierarchical portfolio that you created in the CAST Management Studio.
  • User Project > a browser similar to the browser used in CAST Enlighten - select User Projects and objects stored in the Analysis Service, view sub and parent objects, object information (name, full name, type etc.), view object descriptions (number of lines of code/comments), see linked objects (escalated and standard) and produce a Call Graph to show the number of objects calling and/or called by the selected object.
  • Graphical Views > this allows you to navigate through the model (saved Graphical Views) hierarchy, and display any models that have previously been created and saved with CAST Enlighten.
  • Domains > this allows you to navigate through the Functional Domain structure created with CAST Enlighten.
  • Reports > allows you to insert your own static HTML pages and access them through a browser.

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