This page will help you solve problems related to the migration of applications from CAST-MS to the CAST AIP Console that contains a TFS package. 

Applicable Platform

AIP Platform


CAST AIP 8.3(tick) 
AIP Console VersionYes/No
AIP Console 1.8.x  or greater(tick)
Action Plan
  1. When migrating from CAST-MS to Console V2 with TFS, you may get the following error: 

    Unused initial value dmttechnoscanner.SourceFileProject in field dmtxmlscanner.SourceFileDiscoverer.inputProjectType: delivery.ProfileOrProjectType
    Error: Internal error occurred.
    The application is closing. Call CAST support now providing the log file at C:\Users\<userid>\AppData\Local\Temp\DMT.log.txt
    EntityType "dmtdevtfsextractor.TFSExtractor" not found
    Return value: 1000
    ERR: 2022-12-28 00:29:41: Unable to clone the given version due to an error

    1. This is due to the TFS packages that are not removed correctly before the migration. You basically have to delete the TFS extractor packages and add the package again with file system packaging. 
    2. The specific steps are below.
      1. Since you have performed the migration already and then the failure happens, revert all the changes done. 
      2. Open DMT remove all online SCM/TFS and add packages with files on the folder system
      3. Deliver and accept the version
      4. Execute the Migration again.

  2. If the problem you are facing does not match any case listed in this page, report your problem to CAST Technical Support and provide the below Relevant input for CAST Technical Support to reproduce the issue.
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