This documentation is not maintained. Please refer to to find the latest updates.

Summary: This document provides information about changes and new features introduced in this release.


Other Updates

SecurityForJava supports long file path (it was a regression introduced in version 1.5.0)
SecurityForJava is able to ignore unknown java files to be parsed. This is a precaution for a rare case
SecurityForJava reads now correctly the package line(s) of java files to be parsed
SecurityForJava is now able to use recursive dependency of classpath betwwen projects in order to improve the resolution of the types
SecurityForJava logs additional minor information



Security for Java 1.5.0 is now in LTS (Long Term Support).


Other Updates

This version includes a few minor fixes, which provides better stability and improved logging information.
This version uses a new version of the Java interpreter. As a consequence, it solves some rare application crashes (when an application crash occurred, the CASTIL files were generally incomplete).
All the Java files, including the JSP files are now converted to CASTIL files. As a consequence, the performance of the User Input Security has been improved (the conversion process is no longer necessary). Also, the generated CASTIL files are now computed using an improved method, which provides a better graph exploration for the User Input Security.