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Summary: This document provides information about changes and new features introduced in this release.



SECJAVA-25 - Log information (logging framework)

Improvements have been made to the way in which the extension produces logs. The extension now writes log information in two main places:

Python launcher - My_Source_file_based-[*].castlog

The python launcher/manager writes in the main My_Source_file_based-[*].castlog file. It will add the following log information:

  • Error if the project.xml file is absent or it cannot be parsed
  • The location of the CAST AIP installation
  • Information if there are existing castil files
  • Information for all moved castil files
  • Information on calling the ProjectXmlReview tool
  • Information on calling the java2castil tool
  • Errors for missing castil files (according to project.xml)
  • The number of castil found and the number of required castil files
  • Error if the assemblies.txt file is absent

java2castil module - Job-generation-[*].log and Project-[*].log

The java module (java2castil) that writes in log files located in the Log subfolder of the source code analysis folder. This module writes a global file (Job-generation-[*].log and 1 log file for each project: Project-[*].log).

The Project*.log contains:

  • As info (so not logged due to configuration): information useful only for debugging java2castil
  • As warning: the file that are parsed
  • As warning: interesting resolution issues from JDT (several useless information from JDT are filtered). With full bookmark.
  • As warning: classic issues during castil generation
  • As error: serious issues during castil generation. Example: unexpected empty file
  • As fatal: very serious issues during castil generation. Example: JDT crash

Also, the main Job-generation-*.log will contain:

  • Important information in case of severe exception (OUT OF MEMORY ERROR, FATAL ERROR)
  • As warning: information about the start of the analysis
  • As warning: a synthesis of missing imports
  • As warning: the number of FATAL error found

Other modifications:

  • the Log subfolder is cleaned before starting java2castil.

Resolved issues

The following issues have been fixed in this release of the Security for Java extension:

Internal IDCall IDSummary

JDT Errors during transalation

SECJAVA-18-Error message is displayed"[main] ERROR com.castsoftware.castil.translation.sources.jdt.BodyTranslator - Unresolved parameter ...." in the log folder