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Summary: This document provides information about changes and new features introduced in this release.

Resolved issues in this release

The following issues have been fixed in this release of the Security for Java extension:

Internal IDCall IDSummaryImpacts?
Java Exceptions related files not found, i.e.: and java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException raised by com.castsoftware.securityforjavaThis issue was caused by the location used to store the extension's log files. The location has now been changed resolving the issue.
Avoid keeping history of CASTIL files each time I launch a snapshot.

When CASTIL files exist from a previous analysis carried out with a previous release of the JEE Analyzer (i.e. with CAST AIP 8.2.x), CASTIL files were generated and stored on disk. When subsequently using the JEE Analyzer with CAST AIP 8.3.x, these existing CASTIL files were duplicated and stored in the LISA folder each time a snapshot was generated. This behaviour has now been changed: historic CASTIL files from a previous analysis are now stored in the following location:

Suppress the detailed log and warnings.

References to JDT (as generated by the Security for Java extension) have been removed from the .castlog file generated by the JEE Analyzer during a source code analysis, for example:

[com.castsoftware.securityforjava] ""16:36:34.367 [main]
INFO  com.castsoftware.castil.translation.sources.jdt.BodyTranslator - Declaring variable of id _jspx_eb_423468bound to 38
Move securityforjava extension log files

The location used to store the extension's log files has been changed. Logs are now stored in a "Log" subfolder of the location defined for LISA (Large intermediate storage area) files, for example: