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CAST AIP requires an RDBMS to store the data generated during analyses and snapshots (see Infrastructure sizing guide) and at the current time either of the following are supported:

  • CAST Storage Service
  • PostgreSQL

CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL is highlighted in the following CAST AIP architecture diagram:

What is the CAST Storage Service?

The CAST Storage Service is a standalone RDBMS built by CAST specifically for use as a storage host on Microsoft Windows. Technically, the CAST Storage Service is a PostgreSQL RDBMS with its own custom installer specifically for Microsoft Windows. Some configuration settings are specifically tuned in order to optimize use with CAST AIP.

For more information see: CAST Storage Service for Microsoft Windows.

What about PostgreSQL?

It is also possible to host a PostgreSQL RDBMS, installed directly on Linux, or through Docker on Linux and Microsoft Windows. PostgreSQL installed on Linux has consistently proven to provide better performance than CAST Storage Service installed on Microsoft Windows.

For more information see: PostgreSQL for Linux or Docker.

Deployment requirements

See CAST Storage Service and PostgreSQL - Deployment requirements for more information about what is required to deploy CAST Storage Service or PostgreSQL.