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Version: 8.3.7

Note that this release is based on CAST AIP 8.3.7.


Internal IDDescriptionDocumentation
SEC-3Add a OWASP Tile in the Security DashboardSee Using the CAST Security Dashboard.
SEC-7Add a CWE Tile
SEC-8CISQ - Add a CISQ Security Tile in Security Dashboard
SEC-163Mis Configurations - Add a Mis Configuration Tile in Security Dashboard
SEC-162Implement additional Tiles in Security Dashboard - OWASP CISQ CWE Misconfiguration GDPR

Resolved issues

Internal IDCall IDDescription
SEC-160-Security rules parentship inconsistencies: User should be able to filter CISQ violations count based on Health factor
SEC-178-User should be able to filter quality-standard-violations count by critical and non-critical using the RestAPI.
No option to launch SED in CAIP for security CAST-MS

Version: 1.0 - 08 May 2018

Note that this release is based on CAST AIP 8.3.3.


  • Using schemas installed with CAST AIP for the CAST Security Dashboard is not supported.
  • Upgrades from CAST AIP to CAST Security are not supported.