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Summary: this section describes how to download CAST AIP Extensions that are needed to perform an analysis and snapshot generation with CAST AIP for Security. This step is mandatory.


An extension is a generic term for any kind of distinct addition to CAST AIP for Security which can be downloaded, installed and upgraded separately. CAST AIP for Security requires the following extension that must be downloaded before you Create CAST Security schemas:

In addition, if you intend to analyze a Java application and would like to include a User Input Security analysis, then you will also need to install the following extension:

Note that in CAST Security for AIP, several official CAST extensions are shipped with the setup and are installed by default with all new CAST schemas:

Downloading the mandatory extensions

CAST provides the automatic download of extensions over the internet via a tool called the CAST Extension Downloader. Please follow Download an extension which explains how to use the CAST Extension Downloader to obtain the extensions to install.

Next steps?

The next step is described in Create CAST Security schemas - the downloaded mandatory extensions will be installed when the CAST schemas are created.