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  • Bug fixes

Can be used with:

  •  8.3.3
  • Bug fixes

Can be used with:

  •  8.3.3


Other Updates

Internal IdDetails
DASHBOARDS-3942Integrated mode and zip - need to fix home page from FE.
DASHBOARDS-3906Integrated mode and zip do not work any more.
DASHBOARDS-3933Cannot PUT domains-bindings when all domains have been aborted.
DASHBOARDS-3940AIP Console: Cannot display Dashboard with a JVM > 8.
DASHBOARDS-3927DATAMART: Revert DIM_SNAPSHOTS table, internal_id Column.
DASHBOARDS-3908DATAMART: Optimize app-findings-measures extraction.


Other Updates

Internal IdDetails
DASHBOARDS-3304Comment list is not filtered based on 'Security'.
DASHBOARDS-3728SD user admin page is showing wrong tab icon.
DASHBOARDS-3552Session timeout dialog box appears when accessing the admin page through URL.
DASHBOARDS-3673Issue in application selection and deselection when the applications have same name.
DASHBOARDS-3696Applications are duplicated in assign application drop down list.
DASHBOARDS-3698Implement session timeout option in user management view.
DASHBOARDS-3718SAML: User is also getting removed from the list when clicking on remove button.
DASHBOARDS-3726Admin user is able to delete the admin role and on reload - display become admin page even though user context has admin role.
DASHBOARDS-3729SAML: User management view does not load the list and API server/users-groups returns 500 internal server error.
DASHBOARDS-3747Regression: User management view is displaying the list from LDAP when logged in with default user.
DASHBOARDS-3751User management: on unselect all tags/technology selected applications are vanishing.
DASHBOARDS-3760'Re-Login' button is not enabled after the timeout and the page is getting redirected to login page.
DASHBOARDS-3794LDAP: User search list is disappearing after assigning a role to any user
DASHBOARDS-3797APO window is disappearing when changing the effort grade value to 4
DASHBOARDS-3806Auth: Update button is disabled in edit dialog for SD, when technology and tags changes.
DASHBOARDS-3807Auth regression: application selection has issue in edit dialog.
DASHBOARDS-3848LDAP: User authorization view is empty after assigning a role to group.
DASHBOARDS-3789The "spring.datasource.url" in the file (specifically for managing the connection to the host CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL host on which the "cast_dashboards" schema is stored), has been modified to add in "ApplicationName=DASHBOARDS". This is to ensure that the application initiating the connection to the host CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL instance can be more easily identified.

Resolved Issues

Customer Ticket IdDetails
31162Users/groups that have been specifically assigned a role/data authorization is not listed in user configuration page with ldap authentication.
31088Advanced search view violation report is not giving correct module name for all module report.
31197Unable to migrate roles/authorizations using the XML files.
31360Data Authorization 2.1