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  • Tags option added to the Rules Documentation

  • Technical Debt (OMG) data is displayed automatically

Can be used with:

  •  8.3.3



Feature Improvements

Missing tags in QR documentationTags option is added in Rules Documentation. Refer:
Technical Debt (OMG) data should be displayed automatically if the CISQ Index Assessment Model filter is used.If the application is analyzed with the OMG Technical Debt extension and the CISQ Index extension, Technical Debt (OMG) data will now be available when you select the "CISQ Assessment Model" drop down regardless of whether you have configured the Technical Debt(OMG) tile.

Other Updates

Internal IdDetails
DASHBOARDS-2700In internet explorer, download icon color removed in rule table section
DASHBOARDS-2694Architecture model - does not display in IE and Edge
DASHBOARDS-1922Scrollbar issue in action plan and exclusion view when you drill down from violations table
DASHBOARDS-2593In ATDM view, Console error when navigating from action plan/exclusion icon
DASHBOARDS-2705Metrics are greyed out though it has added and removed violations
DASHBOARDS-2729Rule Tags filter is getting displayed in Architecture model view
DASHBOARDS-2752Table design, filter drop-down width should be limited inside the table
DASHBOARDS-2779In Risk Investigation view, change Violation icon to Tech Debt icon when viewing as Technical Debt (OMG)
DASHBOARDS-2738Add APIKEY as an alternative authentication for default.html