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  • GUI updates
  • CISQ Technical Debt in SD Risk Investigation View 

Can be used with:

  •  8.3.3

Resolved issues

Internal IDTicket IDSummaryAffects Version/s
DASHBOARDS-240023719Filter and sort does not work together correctly1.17.0
DASHBOARDS-234923348'Score' column not showing up in the dashboard1.17.0
DASHBOARDS-228623188Dashboard should display appropriate error message when one of the snapshot in central is not successful1.16.0
DASHBOARDS-2285-Manage semicolon in RestAPI1.17.0
DASHBOARDS-2510-Excel download is not working in violations table1.19.0
DASHBOARDS-2478-Action plan/Exclusion - drill-down from violation table is not working with New pagination implementation1.19.0
DASHBOARDS-2469-"Check for updates" - version message showing wrongly when current and latest version both are same1.18.0
DASHBOARDS-2408-AIP assessment model is selected when drill down from industry standard tile1.18.0
DASHBOARDS-2348-SD Optimization: Load default locale translations file, and load other locale translations file on language change accordingly1.18.0


SD Action Plan View: Move Object Search to Table header

Object search in Action plan Table has been moved to table header. There is an icon for search in the "OBJECT NAME LOCATION" section in the table header and the search functionality is same as before. The icon behaves as toggle button to open and close the search input field and there is a close button to clear the search input.

Implement CISQ Technical Debt in Security Dashboard Risk Investigation View

You may create Technical Debt tile in the Security Dashboard, to display Total Added and Removed OMG Tech Debt, and the total number of days

Tile can be configured as below in ed.json file (formerly ced.json). 


Click on the AUTOMATED TECHNICAL DEBT tile. It will drill down to risk investigation page with CISQ assessment model selected, also the view will be selected as "Technical Debt (OMG)", as shown in the below screen.

You can switch to the CISQ Assessment Model violation view from the drop-down list. 

In Rules Details, "Technical Debt (OMG)" section is added (as shown in the below screen), which shows the details about rules (Total, Added, Removed, and number of occurrences). 

In the source code view, a new section list is added with icons on left, which represents the sections "Source Code" and "Technical Debt (OMG)" respectively. Clicking on the "Technical Debt (OMG)" icon, the scroll focus will be in the "Technical Debt (OMG)" section, where the object level details of Adjustment Factor, UNADJUSTED EFFORT (IN MINS) and ADJUSTED EFFORTS (IN MINS) are displayed.