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  • Customer bug fixes
  • Ability to filter violations based on status in Architecture Model section

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  •  8.3.3

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Source code is not displaying for secondary bookmarks


DASHBOARDS-185221474Request from customer to get the associated values displayed in Dashboard for past snapshots1.13.2
DASHBOARDS-205322383Unable to download the list of new violations report from Dashboard1.16.0
DASHBOARDS-2093-Show more button should not be displaying if a table has less than 10 violations1.16.0
DASHBOARDS-2102-Education icon is overlapping with Rule name1.11.0
DASHBOARDS-211822541Variation in percentage even if when there is no added or removed critical violation.1.16.0
DASHBOARDS-2119-Saga issue with Polyfill in IE browser1.16.0
DASHBOARDS-2191-Architecture Model View not getting loaded while drill down1.17.0


Filter violations based on status in Architecture Model

From the Architecture Model, on selecting the Red - links, we can get the violation details table between the selected layers. A status filter has been added on the table. The table can be filtered based on status, similar to other tables.

Support of Apache tomcat 9.0.x 64 bit

Apache Tomcat 9.0.x is now supported.  Java JRE or JDK v. 1.8.x must be installed on the machine to host the Application Server.