Move to the  Console screen if you are not already there:

Locate the Application and click it:

In the Application - Overview with Fast Scan page, you should now check the following sections:

  • Header section
  • Architecture Preview
  • Analysis Reports

Header section

If any missing dependencies are detected in your source code during the deep analysis (i.e. code that is calling another piece of code that cannot be found) a warning icon will be displayed. This should be fully investigated and corrected because it means that results may not be coherent. Clicking the warning triangle will direct you straight to the log file to see the missing dependencies alerts. See also Validate dependency configuration.

Architecture Preview

In ≥ 2.10, this panel will always show the greatest detail (before and after analysis), therefore there is no need to actively check the results here:

The Architecture Preview panel will be automatically updated when the deep analysis is complete to reflect what has actually been found. You should pay particular attention to the blue and dashed white links (marked below with red arrows) since they indicate that the Fast Scan results differ from the deep analysis results and you should therefore investigate why this is (perhaps source code is missing, or perhaps source code has been delivered that should not have been):

  • Items marked in green confirm expected elements (technologies, frameworks, and links).
  • Items marked in blue denote an additional element that has been identified during the analysis.
  • Items in dashed white show an expected element that has not been found during the analysis.
  • Numbers correspond to the number of occurrences of the item that have been found.
  • DL refers to "Direct Link".

Analysis Reports

This section is only displayed when an analysis has been actioned. It displays data from the most recent analysis, therefore if you have changed the application source code since the most recent analysis (using the New Scan button) you will need to run a new analysis in order for the data in this section to be accurate.

In the context of an analysis validation, you should check that all files have been analyzed. See Application - Overview with Fast Scan for more information about this panel.