Move to the Console screen if you are not already there:

Locate the Application and click it:

Now click the Config option in the left hand panel. The Application - Config - Analysis screen is displayed showing a list of all technologies detected in the application and for which analysis configuration settings exist.

In the first instance, you should ensure that all technologies that you are expecting are listed in this screen. If any technologies are not listed, then there is likely an issue with the delivery of the source code and the source code should be rejected and redelivered.

Universal Technology is used to represent technologies that are handled through CAST extensions. Typically, you'll find the following technologies represented through Universal:

  • SQL (delivered as .SQL files)
  • Python
  • HTML5/JavaScript (for web technologies such as AngularJS, Node.js, jQuery etc.)
  • iOS Xcode (Objective-C/Swift etc.)
  • ...

Next you should inspect the technology settings by clicking each technology listed and drilling down into the settings:

Click to enlarge

Technology settings are organized as follows:

  • Settings specific to the technology for the entire Application
  • List of Analysis Units (a set of source code files to analyze) created for the Application
    • Settings specific to each Analysis Unit (typically the settings are the same as at Application level) that allow you to make fine-grained configuration changes.

You should check that settings are as required and that at least one Analysis Unit exists for the specific technology that includes all the source code you want to analyze.

Note that if source code you have delivered is not present in an Analysis Unit it will not be submitted for analysis.

Deactivating Analysis Units - behaviour

If you decide to deactivate an Analysis Unit following an initial analysis, a banner will appear in the header:

Clicking Run analysis will initiate an analysis, and at the same time ensure that the source code within the Analysis Unit is ignored during the analysis and that it is removed from CAST Imaging. In addition all corresponding files will be placed in the Not Analyzed category in the Analysis Reports section of the Application - Overview panel: