Application onboarding without Fast Scan - Step-by-step onboarding - Add a new version and deliver source code


In the Console, source code for a given Application is organised into versions - the idea being that you can create new Versions when the Application's source code changes and you want to measure these changes. When working with a new Application, an initial version first needs to be created and source code delivered so that it can be analyzed. This page describes how to do this.

Analysis should be disabled

In an step-by-step onboarding scenario, we do not want to run an analysis / generate a snapshot / upload to CAST Imaging / upload to Management (Health) Dashboard as part of the version creation process, therefore we must ensure that the Run analysis option is disabled when delivering the source code (this option can be enabled in a Standard onboarding scenario where you simply want results quickly) - this scenario is explained fully below:

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Steps to action

Follow the steps listed below from the Application onboarding without Fast Scan - Standard onboarding to deliver your application source code - ensure that you untick the Run Analysis option:

What next?

See Application onboarding without Fast Scan - Step-by-step onboarding - Validate and accept the version.