To perform this step, your Console login must have the Application Owner role.


This step performs many actions in one go, without the need for manual interaction. It allows you to get real results very quickly. Actions performed:

  • Add version and upload source code
  • Validate the Version - i.e. validate the delivered source code
  • Accept the Version - accept it and allow it to be analyzed
  • Set as current Version - set it as the current version to be used in the analysis
  • Run an analysis - source code analysis results are stored in the Analysis schema
  • Take a snapshot - metrics and structural rule data is generated and consolidated in the Dashboard schema - results can be viewed in an Engineering Dashboard
  • Upload the snapshot to the Measurement schema - results can be viewed in a Health Dashboard
  • Upload the data to CAST Imaging - results can be viewed in your CAST Imaging instance

This scenario is aimed at situations where you just want a set of baseline results using all the default settings.

Steps to action

What next?

See Application onboarding without Fast Scan - Standard onboarding - check results.