Application onboarding with Fast Scan - validate the results

Console will perform the initial analysis using configuration settings that it has "discovered" itself, therefore you should always validate the results of this initial analysis to ensure that they meet your expectations and if not, make any advanced configuration changes that may be needed. The following should be validated:

  • the generated log files need to be reviewed to verify that no errors or warnings which may impact the quality of the results have been produced. For each of the technologies supported by CAST, the log manager will produce a set of statistics to verify the analysis and compare this to the previous analysis.
  • the Analysis boundary to ensure that what has been analyzed and saved into the Analysis schema as objects and links is consistent with the intent and scope of the analysis configuration.
  • the quality of the analysis.
  • the configuration of dependencies and Dynamic Links (important for Transactions).
  • the configuration of modules (important for CAST Imaging and Dashboards).
  • the configuration and review of transactions/Function Points and Assessment Model.
  • the results in CAST Imaging and the CAST Dashboards (optional).

See the following: