Application onboarding with Fast Scan - run the initial deep analysis


If all checks have been completed, any optional file exclusions have been implemented, Console has given the green light to run the deep analysis - see Application onboarding with Fast Scan - validate the Fast Scan, and you have checked the included extensions (see Application onboarding with Fast Scan - check and configure extensions) then you are ready to run an initial deep analysis. The deep analysis process in the onboarding with Fast Scan workflow automatically includes all of the following steps:

  • Application analysis
  • Generation and publishing of results to CAST Imaging and CAST Dashboards (if configured)

When using onboarding with Fast Scan, Console does not expose the advanced configuration options BEFORE an initial analysis has been completed. Therefore the following analysis workflow should be followed:

  • Initial analysis is run with all options and settings as "discovered" by Console during the fast scan step and results of the initial analysis should then be validated.
  • If results are not satisfactory or need tweaking, advanced configuration options can then be modified and a subsequent analysis actioned.

For example:

When using the onboarding with Fast Scan workflow, an analysis actioned from the Application - Overview with Fast Scan panel automatically includes the following:

  • Upload to CAST Imaging
  • Upload for CAST Engineering/CAST Health Dashboards (if configured)

To run individual steps (analysis only, upload only) should they be required see Application onboarding with Fast Scan - re-run deep analysis - optional.

Set advanced platform configuration settings

Before you start the analysis, if you have any of the following, then you may wish to define the appropriate option - otherwise Console will function in load balancing mode - see Advanced Platform Configuration in Application - Overview with Fast Scan:

Automatically enabled options

Depending on the configuration and license in use some additional configuration options will also be automatically applied when the Run Analysis button is clicked. See Application - Overview with Fast Scan.

Run the analysis

When you are ready, click Run Analysis to being the process. See Run Analysis in Application - Overview with Fast Scan for more information:

The Progress window will indicate that the analysis is in progress:

The analysis is complete when the Progress window indicates a successful completion:

Resuming interrupted jobs

Should your job be interrupted for whatever reason (network issue, issue on the Node etc.), CAST Console is able to resume the job from the same point or a previous point. Take for example a job that has been interrupted in the Install step:

Returning to the Application - Overview with Fast Scan page, a Resume button will be displayed in place of Run analysis:

What next?

The next step is described in Application onboarding with Fast Scan - validate the results.