Application onboarding with Fast Scan - check and configure extensions


As part of the Fast Scan process, Console automatically determines which extensions should be automatically installed and used as part of the deep analysis, in addition to any that are set to "force install" (see Administration Center - Settings - Extensions Strategy or Administration Center - Extensions Strategy). Following the validation of the Fast Scan process (see Application onboarding with Fast Scan - validate the Fast Scan) you should now check and configure these extensions:

  • to ensure that all required extensions are set for installation
  • to check that the correct release of all extensions will be installed
  • to check if any extensions are missing, add them manually to the list
  • to remove any extensions that are not required

Access to the Extensions panel is only available following an initial Fast Scan in Console ≥ 2.6.


To check the extensions that will be automatically installed and used as part of the deep analysis, use the Extensions > Included option - see also Application - Extensions:

Check the list of extensions and their release number

Use the Included panel to view the list of extensions and their release number that will be installed and used during the deep analysis:

Click to enlarge

The filters at the top of the panel will help you distinguish between extensions that Console has automatically added and those that are force installed via the Administration Center - Settings - Extensions Strategy panel:

You should ensure that the correct extension release number is selected for the extensions that will be installed and used. For the most part, the most recent release will be selected, unless you or an administrator has set up a white list (see Administration Center - Settings - Extensions Strategy). If you want to select a specific release, use the drop down selector:

Add any extensions that are missing

If you find that certain extensions that you would expect to be present are not listed in the Included panel, you can search for them and add them using the Available panel. Click the Include option to add the selected extension - it will disappear from the Available panel and then appear in the Included panel:

If you use extensions that are not available in CAST Extend (or the equivalent offline CAST Extend local server), then you can configure Console to use them as described in Configuring Console to use custom extensions.

Remove any unwanted extensions

If you see extensions in the Included panel that you do not require, you can remove them using the trash icon:

What next?

The next step is described in Application onboarding with Fast Scan - run the initial deep analysis.