Summary: this page describes how to work with custom Object type nodes and add them to the Level 5 view.


To allow as much flexibility as possible, custom Object type nodes can be added to Level 5 - these custom object type nodes are in addition to the object type nodes resulting from the imported analysis data. Links to and from these custom objects can also be created:

Any custom type object nodes added to Level 5 will also be visible in other levels in  1.8.x releases of CAST Imaging.

Adding a custom object type node

Move to Level 5 and use the Add object type node icon from the left hand menu:

A floating dialog will be displayed:

Choose the object type node you want to create - all possible CAST AIP object types can be added, except those that ALREADY exist on the view whether as other custom Object type nodes, or Object type nodes resulting from imported analysis data:

Click Create to add the object to the view:

The object is then added to the view and highlighted:

  • Custom Object type nodes are displayed as squares to differentiate from Object types nodes resulting from an analysis (displayed as circles).
  • It is not possible to drill down into a custom Object type node (i.e. using the "expand" options):

Removing a custom Object type node

Right click the custom Object type node and select delete:

Adding links to and from custom Object type nodes

See User Guide - Working with custom links for more information.