Summary: this page describes how to use the Method view.


It is possible to drill down to a "method view". This special view shows all the methods that are linked between classes and provides additional actions such as:

  • view source code
  • method information
  • add caller/callees

At Object level, clicking on an edge/link between classes will show a tooltip with the list of methods involved. Classes with no related methods will have a tooltip with the message "No associated relationship". The tooltip displays two types of relationship information: 

  • Methods calling Methods
  • Objects/Classes calling Methods (and vice-versa)

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Accessing the view

You need to already be working in the Application scope having drilled down from Level 5. Then single or double click an edge between classes where methods are involved, and a small popup will be displayed:

Clicking the popup will take you directly to a new view containing the listed methods, any related methods and classes that do not have any methods but are linked by the other methods. The vignette on this view shows Object level nodes/edges:

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Right click actions

Right clicking a method node now shows a menu with several actions available. Numbers in square brackets indicate the number of items that exist (some may already be displayed in the view). See User Guide - Application layers view mode for more information.