Summary: this page describes how to use the Add Linked Objects feature.


The Add Linked Objects function enables you to display objects in the view which have a link (respecting the appropriate filter parameters you have chosen), to the object or objects you select in the view. In this way you can rapidly identify what other objects would be affected if you were to modify an object in your application.

Accessing and using the feature

You need to already be working at Objects level having drilled down from Level 5 (in any Scope). Right click an object and choose Add linked objects to access the feature:

The number in square brackets displays the total number of linked objects that the selected object has. Some of them may already be present in the view.

A popup will now be displayed enabling you to choose the type of objects you want to add to the view based on a filter. Click Add to add the selected objects to the view (some may already be present in the view:

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In version ≥ 2.14, an option is provided to set the limit for number of search results to be displayed. For example: By setting the limit to 500, you may see 500 objects at once, and for each scroll the next 500 results in the list are displayed. Selecting ‘All’ lets you view all the results.