Available in ≥ 2.18


When you login to Imaging, the Welcome page is displayed with two tabs - Guided Search and Pre-defined. By default, Pre-defined tab is selected and the tiled view is displayed (as in previous releases).

Selecting any option in Guided Search drop-down, a list of questions are displayed. You may select the appropriate action to directly reach the desired screen from the Welcome page.

Click Guided Search, you get the following options: Make changes, Discover, Enrich and Modernize. When you click on any option in the drop-down, a list of questions are displayed. Select the appropriate action to reach the desired screen.

Recents drop-down lists the recently done action/journey, which helps you to view the previous action in just a click.

When you go to the page/view the action tool-tip and "How can i help you today?" button are displayed.

1How can I Help you today

This button works like Guided search feature. This button on the header row helps you to do guided search without having to go to home page.

2Show actionable tool tipHovering on the tool tip displays journey that you have been through.
3JourneyLists the actions performed during the journey.

Make changes

Make changes option lets you make changes to the selected application. It allows you to select the Type of ChangeStart from and Module name.

You may make the following changes:

  • Make changes -> Major changes -> Move to Cloud
  • Make changes -> Major changes -> Upgrade/Replace component
  • Make changes -> Minor changes -> Service
  • Make changes -> Minor changes -> Element -> Search for elements by name
  • Make changes -> Minor changes -> Impact for change in UI (search for Transactions directly in guided search)
  • Make changes -> Minor changes -> Impact for change in Table (search for Data Call Graphs directly in guided search)
  • Make changes -> Minor changes -> Scope of regression (search for Objects and redirect to start and end point view for a selected object)

In ≥ 2.19.0, the journey for elements lets user search for elements directly from guided search instead of opening the Global Search.


Discover option lets you discover one of the below mentioned area of the selected application in detail:

  • Application architecture
  • Dependencies with other applications
  • High level architecture overview
  • Technologies and frameworks
  • APIs Inventory
  • Application modularity
  • Data
    • Application adherence to database elements (direct access to the Database Access view)
  • Module
  • End to End transactions

In ≥ 2.19.0,  the Public APIs and the Private APIs (added under APIs Inventory) lets you tweak UI elements after loading view from the Guided Search.


Enrich option lets you enhance the application analysis with additional information.

  • Enrich -> Add/modify tags or annotations 
  • Enrich -> Investigate custom views 
  • Enrich -> Update custom views


Modernize option lets you modernize the selected application.


Improve option lets you enhance the application quality, by letting you know the flaws and the open source safety risks.