Available in ≥ 2.18


Multiple Tabs feature allows you to open multiple tabs, each displaying a graph as per user actions. Multiple Tabs have replaced the vignettes (i.e., vignettes are replaced by new tab/s).

Opening Multiple tabs

  • Multiple tab/s opens by default only in Application scope/view. At a time you may open ten tabs.
  • Graph Navigation (Path Finder, Call Hierarchy, Start and Endpoints) opens in a new tab by default. 
  • Zoom in canvas persists when you switch the tabs.
  • In ≥ 2.19, Tab Names are updated as View1, View2, View3, and so on.

The following actions open a new tab by default

  • Level to Object DrillDown via Node/Edge/ContextMenu
  • Object to Method DrillDown via Node/Edge/ContextMenu
  • Applying Focus in a view
  • Switching Transactions from the properties panel

Overriding opening of Multiple tabs

By default, a new tab is opened on all graph actions (e.g: drill to objects/methods). You may override it and open it in the same tab by pressing Alt+Shift.

On-demand tabs

On Transaction/Data Call Graph/Module/Service views when you switch to different options, by default, it opens in the same tab. You may open it in a new tab by selecting the Default Category option and then Shift+ Left click on the selected item.

Saved Views 

  • Earlier you could save views with both Level+Object, Object+Method with a vignette. Now as it is visualized in separate tabs and you can save them as two different views.
  • MultiTab list persists on switching scopes. (ex: Application > Transaction/Data Call Graph, and Modules)

Saving the mulitple views

If multiple views are opened and you try to logout/change app/admin center/config center, you will be prompted with the following message: `Any unsaved changes to the current view will be lost. You can save changes by selecting the 'Save View' option in the left panel.'

Click on PROCEED ANYWAY button if you do not wish to save the view. 

To save the view, click BACK button and select the 'Save View' option in the left panel.

Above message can be disabled using the user preference option in Admin> Preferences>Notify for saving views as shown in the below screen. 

Edit/Rename the tabs

You may edit/rename a tab using the edit icon.

Click the edit icon. Following screen is displayed with an option to edit/rename the tab.