CAST Imaging is an web based application, which gives unprecedented visibility of a software. It scans the software and helps you to understand:

  • Software architecture
  • Database structure
  • End-to-end transactions
  • Frameworks
  • Internal Dependencies

A browser is required to use CAST Imaging. See Software requirements for CAST Imaging for more information about supported browsers.


To connect to the CAST Imaging, browse to the URL given by your administrator. For example:


Enter your credentials and then click LOG IN.

For ≥ 2.18

For ≤ 2.17

If necessary, click the eye icon to view or to check if the password is correct.

Error messages

Following error message is displayed if either the username or password is incorrect:

Following error message is displayed if Login Services do not start correctly.

Session timeout

If there is no user activity (API calls) for a default period of 20 minutes, the login session will timeout. When this occurs, the following alert message is displayed:

If you wish to continue the current session, please click Extend Session within the notification time - displayed in seconds in the upper right corner of the message (the default is 20 seconds - see Customizing session timeout for more information about modifying this period).

If the notification time expires, then the EXTEND SESSION button will be disabled and instead you will need to click RELOGIN to start a new session - you will be redirected to the login page in this case:

After a default period of 5 hours, a session will timeout regardless of whether there is continuous user activity or not.

Application selection

After a successful login, the application selection page displays the available list of applications that can be investigated. You can also use the search box to find the required application:

For ≥ 2.18

The application list page comes with "Tenant", "Lines of code", "Number of Objects" and "Number of relationships". You can filter applications based on tenant and sort each column.

For ≤ 2.17

Once an application is selected the scope is narrowed to that application:

Click to enlarge

Investigate panel / Toolbar / Menu & Icons

See the pages below for more information:

UI error handling

If the UI hangs when consulting an application, a popup will appear, for example:

≥ 2.8.x

≤ 2.7.x