Checking the results of the various actions performed in Standard onboarding for CAST Imaging - add a new Version - deliver code - upload to CAST Imaging is an essential part of the Standard onboarding process. Use the following to check the results:

  • Check status
  • Logs
  • Application details
  • CAST Imaging

Check status

When all actions have been completed, you should check the Progress window for a "success" message:

Note that if the Progress window is not visible, you can access it by clicking the View last action outcome option in the Application Management panel:

Check logs

If you do not have a "success" message at the end of the process (i.e. if one of the steps contains an error/warning, or if the process fails entirely), you can check the individual logs for all the actions that have been performed immediately after they have completed. To check the logs, you can click the View log option in the Progress window:

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The log will be displayed in Summary mode:

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Switch to Content mode to view the actual log file:

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Logs can be downloaded to file using the download button while in Content mode:

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  • See AIP Console - Logging mechanisms for more information.
  • You can also use the Log Console at Application level to view all logs.
  • GUID duplicate found - this message in the logs indicates that duplicate objects have been found during the analysis (perhaps two identical source code files have been delivered and only one is used). If this message is seen, analysis results may be inaccurate for the objects in question and you should therefore check for any duplicate files and if any are found, remove them, re-deliver the source code an action a new analysis.

Check Application details

You can use the Application details panel to view information about the results produced by the analysis, including technologies discovered, Function Point information, source code organization etc.:

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Check and configure CAST Imaging

First check that the version status of your Application in the AIP Console - Application Management screen is Imaging processed - this means that the source code has been analyzed and uploaded to your CAST Imaging instance. Then use the CAST Imaging icon to take you direct to the specific Application data in CAST Imaging:

You can also access your CAST Imaging instance direct from AIP Console using the option in the top right corner:

Login with a CAST Imaging user that has the CAST Imaging ADMIN role and then check that the Application is present in the Admin Center:

You will also need to grant access to your CAST Imaging users/groups so that they can investigate the application - see Admin Center - Users panel:

Note that it is not necessary to set the correct permissions on an Application in CAST Imaging when you upload it subsequently, for example during an Application rescan for CAST Imaging. The permissions will be retained.